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Does someone you love have a drinking problem?

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Tensions caused by  alcoholism can be relieved.

Self-confidence and calm will return.

Are you concerned about someone's heavy use of alcohol?

Has your relationship been hurt by painful emotions & difficult behavior?

Al-Anon is an anonymous program. The full-face photographs on this website use professional models, not members of Al-Anon or Alateen.

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Teens learn  alcoholism is not their fault.

Worry about another's drinking disappears.

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Al-Anon makes a difference.

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People come to Al-Anon looking for some way to help a problem drinker.

Families often feel overwhelmed by personal, financial and legal issues.

Children can be deeply affected by a family member who drinks too much.

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Meetings help Al-Anon members relieve their anxiety, anger & confusion.

Talking with others helps ease the sense of isolation and re-builds hope.

We learn to relax and begin to laugh. Then we start to enjoy life again.

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Dear AWSC Members,

Governor Inslee has issued an order for WA residents to Stay Home, Stay Healthy for a minimum of two weeks. Because of this, as Area Chair, I am requesting all Al-Anon groups to stop face to face meetings until Governor Inslee lifts the "Stay Home, Stay Healthy" order

Much love sent to all,

Julie P

WA Area Chair


Electronic Meetings