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Al-Anon in Pierce County, Washington


Al-Anon Information Services

PO Box 98557

Lakewood, WA 98496-8557

Does someone you love have a drinking problem?


8:30 am Freedom AFG  

4519 112th Street E.,   Puyallup

Our Savior Lutheran Church, in the little yellow building in back of the parking lot, sign says "North Campus 2".


9:00 am  Rocky Bottom AFG

901 North J Street,  Tacoma

Immanuel Presbyterian Church  

Back door, off parking lot.


9:00 am  Sharing Our Strength AFG  (H SG)

2601 Jahn Ave Suite A-10,Gateway point Business Park,   Gig Harbor

Serenity Hall


12:00pm Courage Strength & Inspiration (H) 

1717 S Union Ave,  Tacoma

Life Center

Main Church Building, room 311

Enter through Main Church Bldg Doors.  Take right staircase upstairs.  Follow signs leading down hallway to Room 311. *Elevator access near Welcome Desk.









Beginners meetings introduce newcomers to the Al-Anon program and allow time to discuss their concerns with older members.


H     Handicap Meeting

S     Speaker Meeting

@   Concurrent AA Meeting

AL  Concurrent Al-Anon Meeting

B     Beginner Meeting

SG   Study Group; Al-Anon material.

AFG Al-Anon Family Group

2:00 pm Spanaway AFG  (H)

26418 Mountain Hwy E, Spanaway


6:30 pm Sharing Our Horizons AFG  (S)

St. John's Lutheran Church

8602 Bridgeport Way SW, Lakewood

This speakers meeting is held once a month, on the 2nd Saturday.


6:30 pm Recovery Spoken Here AFG  (S)

5316 104th Street East,  Tacoma

Summit United Methodist Church

This speakers meeting is held once monthly, on the 4th Saturday.