Al-Anon in Pierce County, Washington


Al-Anon Information Services

PO Box 98557

Lakewood, WA 98496-8557

Does someone you love have a drinking problem?




Beginners meetings introduce newcomers to the Al-Anon program and allow time to discuss their concerns with older members.

6:30 pm  O.K. AFG  (SG)

26905 Orting - Kapowsin Hwy E.,  Graham

Rushton Farm


7:00 pm  Yes AFG  

1231 S 76th St. & Sheridan Ave.,  Tacoma

United Lutheran Church


7:00 pm New Meeting  

205 Center Street W Eatonville

Eatonville Library


Beginning  July 2018 this  meeting will move to Monday.

Beginning  April 2018 the  meeting will be held at 4:45 PM.



7:30 pm  Buckley AFG   (H@)

152 S. Cottage Avenue,  Buckley

Community Presbyterian Church, side door.


H     Handicap Meeting

S     Speaker Meeting

@     Concurrent AA Meeting

AL  Concurrent Al-Anon Meeting

B    Beginner Meeting

SG   Study Group; Al-Anon material.

AFG Al-Anon Family Group