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Al-Anon in Pierce County, Washington


Al-Anon Information Services

PO Box 98557

Lakewood, WA 98496-8557

Does someone you love have a drinking problem?


Electronic Meetings

Sunday 3:00 pm Meeker Hall Felllowship

Meeting ID: 363 952 573


Monday 11:30 am Sisters in Serenity

Meeting ID: 516-525-081

Meeting password: 841280


Monday 5:30 pm Tacoma All-Women’s, aka TAWA.

Electronic Meeting ID: 658-532-437

Meeting Password: 680260


Monday 7:00 pm   Circle of Hope  

Meeting ID: 823 232 989


Tuesday 7:00 pm Families in Recovery  

Meeting ID: 369 885 116


Wednesday 10:30 am Daffodil Valley

Meeting ID: 340 800 437


Thursday   6:00 pm Puyallup Serenity Seekers

Meeting ID: 866 822 650


Saturday  8:30 am Freedom

Meeting ID: 869 920 111


Saturday12:30 pm Sisters In Serenity Women Only

Meeting ID: 680-494-612

Meeting password: 599249


Thur. March 26th 6:45 pm District 13 Business Mtg

Meeting ID: 437 076 439














Open meetings – no password required        free app available

Call-In Information             (253) 215 8782


Confidentiality and anonymity varies from platform to platform. It is the responsibility of the AlAnon member to understand how to maintain personal anonymity when participating in an online AlAnon meeting and to understand the privacy issues with the various service provider.


Some meetings are specific to Men and Women. We ask that you honor their Group conscience by not attending a meeting that you would not choose to attend in person.

* When you sign in, type in your first name only to protect your anonymity.

Beware: If you call in to a video conference, your phone number is displayed for all to see.

Be sure you are in a private space so that people who are not in Al-Anon don't see or hear the meeting.

If you want to be visible to others you'll need to call in with a smart phone or a computer that has a camera. Or you can choose to not allow video and just use the audio option. Mute yourself when you're not talking - whether you are in a telephone or video meeting. To mute yourself in video meetings, hover over the meeting with your cursor or touch the screen with your finger and it will show you the options at the bottom, top, or side of the screen, depending on your device. You can mute/unmute, have video or no video. If you joined by phone, use *6 to mute/unmute.