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Does someone you love have a drinking problem?

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Members learn to cope with the drinker and  protect themselves from dangerous or hurtful behavior.


They begin to live happy and satisfying lives whether the alcoholic drinks or not.

Illegal drug use often occurs in problem drinkers. Many come to Al-Anon worried about someone else's drug use.


At meetings these families begin to realize alcohol abuse is also part of the problem.


Al-Anon was formed by, and for, family members who were troubled by someone else’s drinking.      

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Alateen Works

Al-Anon Family Groups.

Loving an alcoholic is often painful and upsetting. Dealing with the problem affects families & friends in a negative way.


In Al-Anon friends and families learn they are not the reason another person drinks.

Meetings help teens troubled by heavy drinking. Strength and confidence is found in each other's company.


At Alateen meetings kids learn they did not cause the drinking problem in their homes.

Teens build skills to help them unhook from the emotional turmoil caused by someone else's drinking.

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"Let It Begin With Me."